IN CAMERA 2009 Exhibition Resolution Gallery / Johannesburg “In this exhibition by David Ross, themes of intimacy, relationship and memory emerge with quiet restraint in the work of David Ross. His private chamber is a bedroom flooded with daylight - a place where a lover’s narrative unfolds. Often drawing attention to the ephemeral qualities of light in his work, he imbues these grainy monochromatic images, enlarged from low-res files almost to the point of disintegration, with a sensual and tactile quality. They are reminiscent of 1960’s pinups but even more, they offer an elegiac statement that bears witness to the transitory nature of light, beauty and memory itself.” Mary Corrigal, Dialogue on the Nude Female Form, The Sunday Independent, 1 February 2009

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David has accumulated twenty years experience as an architecture, interiors , food and travel photographer working with leading South African Architects and Interior designers and published in dozens of local and international publications and books.